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March 05, 2005

Crazy Frog turns into a real prince

Times Online UK: Crazy Frog turns into a real prince: That's right - when future generations look back at the beginning of the 21st century they will find the biggest cultural icon was the 'Crazy Frog'. Originally dubbed 'The Annoying Thing' the little amphibian has lived up to its name helped by Jamster, which has inundated popular tv shows with ads for the ringtone. Now they've released Crazy Frog wallpapers, such as "Crazy Frog as Mona Lisa, on a dollar bill, or as the star of Matrix Reloaded". But here's the kicker, the Annoying Thing has apparently generated 14 million pounds for Jamster, with almost no expenses. (Yes, the original creators are getting a slice of the action...)

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