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Bloody Angel Food

Angel_ashley_parker_01lIn the promotion cycle for former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel's forthcoming solo debut "Soundtrack To Your Life," he was among those who appeared on the recent, little-watched NBC mini-series "Celebrity Cooking Showdown" (the five-night show was canceled after just three with the fourth episode aired online while the network aired re-runs in its place).

Doing the show was a fateful decision that may have long-term implications.

"I seriously almost completely cut off my finger," he tells us. "I still have no feeling in it ’cause I cut so deeply, which is making me worried. I lost six minutes off the clock, and my finger wouldn’t stop bleeding but I still finished it. They had a doctor come down to the set, so immediately when I walked off they had someone waiting to stitch it up for me.

"But it’s a week later, and apparently I severed the nerve in my finger. I’m so upset because I need my fingers to play piano and guitar," he says, adding with a laugh, "I need to get insurance for my hands."

He hoped him might get "a major sympathy vote" and win the competition -- which also featured the Tom Arnold, Patti LaBelle and host Alan Thicke -- but alas, he still lost to model Cindy Margolis.

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