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Bumbershoot: Saturday Knights on Monday Afternoon

In an effort to save money for a speculative upcoming tour, the Saturday Knights eat fried catfish from a Beacon Hill Shell station every single night. It seems, then, that gas station catfish is the key to melding non-compatible genres in a way that Limp Bizkit never could. Via live instruments and a DJ setup, members Brian Weber (Dub Narcotic Sound System), Barfly of Seattle's Oldominion hip-hop collective, and DJ Spencer Manio execute extremely party-friendly hip hop. But maybe it's just fast-talking MC Tilson's knock-knock jokes that keep things moving. Either way, if these men bother to release a record they might be able to afford seafood from a proper establishment. Executing similar party-starting skill, the Briefs reaffirmed that punk rock doesn't need to be innovative to work. Three chords, skinny pants, four-on-the-floor drumming, and fake British accents combined for what drove a considerable amount of the audience into histrionics.

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