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April 20, 2005

Advanced Access Content Systems (AACS) Specification Officially Launches

Aacs_logo_1EETimes:  Last week, version 0.9 of the Advanced Access Content Systems (AACS) specification was posted on the Internet for DVD developers. "It is intended to control digital rights while enabling users to download movies from the Web, burn them to DVDs, share them over a home network or download them to portable or car video players." AACS was formed a year ago by IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic Sony, Toshiba, Warner Brothers and Disney to develop copy protection for next-generation DVD's, but the spec the group has written has much broader potential - not only for prerecorded content but it can also be used for recording content...In other words, it will support the ability to make "authorized
recordings" which will hopefully present new opportunities for future distribution methods and innovative business models, while improving functionality and interactivity for the consumer...

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