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April 27, 2005

France Bans Copy Protection For DVD's

Register: In an unprecedented turn of events, a French appeals court in Paris has ruled that movie companies must remove copy protection from DVDs within a month - or face financial penalties. The court has basically granted UFC-Que Choisir (a French consumer protection organization), a prohibition on DVD copy protection devices , because they are incompatible with private copying rights. The lobbying group supports the private individual, who was unable to copy his Mulholland Drive DVD to a VHS tape to watch at his mother's house. Apparently the case was not about money per se, but more about fair use rights being trampled on by the Content Scrambling System inherent in many commercial DVD's...It's not over yet though, as a higher appeals court may still overturn the decision because the ruling may conflict with EU copyright laws - which allow for DRM systems.

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