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April 15, 2005

Napster DRM Hacked

Napster_logoThis first release version of the Musik framework (which is the successor to pymusique written by Cody Brocious - a 17 year old high school student from Pennsylvania- Alex Goodwin and Travis Watkins) for online music store clients is now available to download for free. Apparently, the team have formulated a method for removing the DRM on WMA files allowing them to play on non-Windows systems and the crack's origins are credited to Beale Screamer's code which was released in late 2001. To date, the program does nothing with existing files - it is only meant to work on files/songs already purchased (which probably violates a law or user agreement somewhere along the line...). In its current state, it supports the iTunes Music Store and the Napster Music store, but for now, the program is command line only. However, I'm sure someone generous will offer up a graphical version to help the masses out soon...

"Napster does not currently offer a client for Linux or Apple. Brocious, with help from project partner Alex Goodwin, claims that the software will enable users on Windows, Linux and Mac systems to access both the Napster and iTunes music stores." According to Cody, "I believe that content owners/distributors have the right to apply DRM, just like people have the right to remove it."

After the file is purchased, the utility basically removes the DRM on each song - allowing unrestricted use of the file...The result is that Musik framework will allow people to turn songs legally acquired through the a la carte Napster Light and Premium (the non-portable subscription service) into unencrypted files. But what’s really central here from the developers perspective is a move to try and force these music stores to consider supporting Linux, not circumventing the DRM per se. The good news for some is that by using this method, you don't go down a generation by using the analog hole and you stay totally digital...(Thanks Derek!)


-- A Copyfighter's Musings
-- Neowin


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They haven't released the actual DRM crack, so "Napster DRM Hacked" is nothing but an unconfirmed claim at this point.

Posted by: Greg | Apr 15, 2005 5:23:04 PM

Yes this is just another bogus claim of hacking Microsoft's DRM platform which Napster uses. Not a real confirmed hack.

Posted by: Christopher Levy | Apr 18, 2005 4:37:58 PM

No security is perfect. In fact, somebody will oneday forge a DRM by actually disassemble the code, so that they can use the DRM source code.

Posted by: James Donahue | Aug 6, 2005 11:17:46 PM

checkout www.musicstacker.com the program is full proof.This is the easyest way to pypass drm and move the music to any mp3 player.

Posted by: taj | Feb 3, 2006 2:17:49 AM

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Yes this is just another bogus claim of hacking Microsoft's DRM platform which Napster uses. Not a real confirmed hack.

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