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April 15, 2005

Sony Releases New Software

Press Release: In a move seeking to meet the growing demand for professional royalty-free music and sound, Sony Media Software announced yesterday the release of Cinemascape: Soundtrack Construction Elements. This new title is a royalty-free soundtrack composition resource that will appeal mostly to film produces as it contains a broad assortment of textures and melodies created specifically to provide musical elements that enhance visual information. The 24 bit 2 CD-set is in the ACID .wav file format - which supports pitch-shifting and time-stretching, and is also recognized by products such as Live, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, and GarageBand. MSRP is $99.95...

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I also compose and arrange music. is there any way I can submit music to be played with video games, if so who do I contact?

Posted by: Frankin James | Dec 5, 2005 12:55:55 AM

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