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April 14, 2005

Universal Music Partners with Bad Boy Records

Reuters:  Warner Music Group announced today that it has closed a deal to buy half of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records label.  According to the report, "neither side commented on the financial terms of the deal, but sources familiar with the transaction put the value at between $30 million and $40 million." As part of the new venture, Warner will market and handle digital and physical distribution of Bad Boy's new and catalog releases worldwide...


--P. Diddy, Warner Music Ink Joint Venture Deal for Bad Boy Records

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hey i was wondering if u could send me info on becoming an executive producer

Posted by: Austin Geurts | May 3, 2005 10:07:38 AM


Posted by: Ellie | May 5, 2005 10:33:18 PM

K..Just wanted to know if u can reccommend a website/company that teaches Music recording/production..Never had formal training but eager to learn how the pros do it..thanxx

Posted by: darell | May 12, 2005 2:02:08 AM

Try FullSail Center for The Recording Arts in Winter Park, FL !

Posted by: Todd Beals | May 12, 2005 6:02:13 AM

There will never be a greater mc than me. I am the best and there is none like me. I am the first and last of my time and kind. They call me "Duece" the head of my mafia.My flow is so hot it's unatural.

Posted by: Duece | May 12, 2005 3:09:57 PM

Hello i live in st.louis and i no a lot of people and if you are looking for talent i can be a part of ur team.so write me back i no music i use to work in and studio it was very fun and i learned a lot
but they did not pay much and i did all the work not right at all

Posted by: shontae clark | May 13, 2005 2:57:24 PM

hello, my name is alexander and i live in the north of holland. i just wanna say that victory is a very good number

Posted by: alexander | May 17, 2005 5:02:09 AM

i think r&b sucks because its all about sex drug and viloce its childis grow up
and eminem hes okay but i love ghotic bye bye loser

Posted by: this sucks | May 20, 2005 3:29:05 AM

hay me and my sister and cousin want to sing and we were wondering if you can come check us out couse we do have talent

Posted by: sondricka | May 22, 2005 7:20:48 PM

i really really whan't to rap im a great rapper and if i could just get whit bad boy records it would be so great

Posted by: looking for a hope | Jun 2, 2005 1:37:45 AM

Hey! I have been singing for some years now. I really want to get my music carrer started. I want to do music in Spanish and of course English. How can I get the ball rolling, not only that but get noticed by recording companies?

Posted by: Darlenis | Jun 6, 2005 5:07:48 PM

I really want to sing. It's my dreams and everything else in between. And if I can just get a chance! I heard somethings about Bad Boy Latino, if this is true, I want to be able to get a chance to be heard.

Posted by: Looking 4 a chance | Jun 6, 2005 5:11:32 PM

P.Diddy suck his music is now one of the rappers and the bad boy record lebal is also lame.I think that the media should do something about him and his label.I also think that he should bring back Da Band and some of the other former artists.Then he would probably be on top again.

Posted by: Trey | Jun 12, 2005 5:04:07 PM

P.Diddy I live in Oklahoma and I also know that you have a new group "B5" which is one of the hottes groups. I really like Kelly but thats besides the point I was wondering if you really read theses comments that could you please come on tour to Oklahoma,Tulsa. Thanks A.S.A.P.

Posted by: Tanisha | Jun 16, 2005 8:40:07 PM

Hey please read this I really want to sing it is my dream I'm wondering can I sing for you and we could probably work something out I live in Indianapolis I am 12 years old and if you read this and think about please e-mail at the address thank you for considering much love please read p-diddy.

Posted by: Kei-Kei | Jun 29, 2005 3:16:34 AM

I have followed Diddy on all his adventures. Such as his journey to beat Oprah's running time, making of the band 1-3, and more. I really want to be part of the Bad Boy family. I do not know the right people but I am willing to perform for anyone who will listen. Where can I send a demo? God Bless.


Posted by: Julia | Jul 3, 2005 10:41:57 AM

P. Diddy please give me a chance....When you have auditions. I have been busy w/ the military. I hvae now completed my obligation and would like to create a cd dedicated to all those fighting. I also write my own music...hey give me a chance!


Posted by: Julia | Jul 3, 2005 10:46:20 AM

hey, man i jus read about BAD BOY LATINO man it sounds good and i jus wanted to kno if its possible for yall to check me out i heard jus heard im good at singin "bachata" but im most interested ion reggaeton but if theres anyway yall can contact me ill be grateful my email is [email protected] thks! good job diddy *BAD BOY LATINO* SOUND GOOD

Posted by: Steven A.K.A. "RAZZERO" | Jul 15, 2005 2:20:59 PM

Dear P.Diddy or Phipp Robinson my name is walter thompson and I have strated a records lebal in Providence R.I. and I need help from the best in the business and that is Bad Boys my web site is www.wtic-records.com I was wondering if you guys could at us and point us the right way

thank you
Walter Thompson

Posted by: Walter Thompson | Jul 24, 2005 8:22:53 PM

I want to know how to get in touch with badboy latino in terms of sending a demo??Please email me if anyone has that Info!! thank you.

Posted by: CAPN KRUNK | Jul 31, 2005 7:18:18 PM

I want to know how to get in touch with badboy latino in terms of sending a demo??Please email me if anyone has that Info!!
I have the hottest group in connecticut right now.
please contact me @ [email protected]

Thank you.
Evolucion Eterna

Posted by: Nelson Dones | Aug 2, 2005 1:14:45 PM

I been singing I love to do it and I really want to sing contact me at [email protected] PLEASE I want to sing so
badly PLEASE help me to becom a hip hop or R&B.

Posted by: Niqua | Aug 3, 2005 1:29:39 AM


Posted by: Niqua | Aug 3, 2005 1:32:46 AM


Posted by: Niqua | Aug 3, 2005 1:34:34 AM

I Luv 2 Rap, and I write My own. My Biggest Dream Is 2 B signed 2 Bad Boy Records. Mail Me Back Please at [email protected].

Posted by: Tevin | Aug 5, 2005 3:19:09 PM

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