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April 26, 2005

Who's Going to Win The Living-Room Wars?

WSJ:  This is a lengthy but excellent article from yesterday's Journal about what specific technology/device is likely to become the center of control in our future entertaiment experiences..."The living room is the key battleground in what promises to be one of the most bruising -- and important -- global corporate fights in the next couple of years. Telephone giants, cable titans, computer companies and consumer-electronics makers are all vying to provide the next generation of high-tech entertainment -- a single network of gadgets that lets you view photos, listen to music, record DVDs and tune into whatever TV programs you want to watch, whenever you feel like watching them. This convergence of computing, communications and entertainment has been promised before, only to evaporate because of consumer indifference and technology that wasn't ready for prime time. But now the pieces are finally coming together. And corporations are scrambling to make sure they aren't left behind."

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