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May 04, 2005

BitTorrent As Friend, Not Foe

CNN: Here's a great article with some unique insight from Internet guru Vinton Cerf, widely credited with being one of the net's creators...Andrew Parker, the co-founder and chief technology officer at CacheLogic, also chimes in..."it's only a matter of time before Hollywood accepts that there is no 'magic bullet' to combat peer-to-peer piracy and then starts to embrace it." Data from his firm shows that BitTorrent usage levels - some claim to be about 50% of all P2P traffic - have not changed much since the music and movie industries started suing their customers...In fact, there is new empirical data to show that usage has actually increased (which would leave me scratching my head if I worked for the RIAA or the MPAA.)

Future Challenges For The Content Providers:

--BitTorrent is not a company - it's a technology, so when one torrent site shuts down, another will instantly take its place and this type of cat-and-mouse cycle will continue for decades...

--The technological hole in the dam that exists (thanks to the proliferation of simple and easy to use optical disc ripping programs coupled with rapid broadband penetration) can never be fully stopped, so how do you live, work and adapt with the P2P networks rather than let them continue to be a primary source of piracy?

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