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May 12, 2005

Double DRM Dilemma For Mobile Industry

EE Times: The complaints by the GSMA over the digital rights management licensing conditions set out by MPEG LA are "a tactical necessity, aimed at helping mobile network operators drive down the potential cost of IP underlying DRM". This is an interesting comment by OMA's Willms Buhse Buhse: "It is not in the interest of anybody to have one single DRM solution dominating PCs, mobile and consumer electronics devices." He added, "Nobody will be happy because such a monopoly could lock up content, drive up the cost of DRM and stifle technology innovation." This is a clear shot at Microsoft, which is resigned to OMA's DRM standards being the mainstay of the mobile DRM scene, according to the article. Of course, that leaves the problem of interoperability... Related stories: --Mobile Operators Fight DRM Corner --Microsoft To Protect Mobile TV --Towards Universal DRM

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