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May 03, 2005

Media Rights Technologies Announces the Release of SeCure Alliance DVD

Media_rights_technologyYahoo:  Media Rights Technologies (MRT) announced today a powerful new technology called SeCure Alliance DVD, that claims to address and alleviate what many consider to be one of the most pressing issues of online piracy - underage viewing of adult content. Designed to protect against  unrestricted access to illegal adult content online, it is part of MRT's powerhouse SeCure software suite, which provides comprehensive and/or selective control of digital copyrighted material. By preventing unauthorized ripping, uploading and redistribution via P2P networks, the developers claim that it 'transparently yet solidly blocks age-inappropriate adult content from becoming available to minors.'  Sounds good.....

According to the website, "SeCure Alliance DVD allows restricted access to prevent playback and copying on a computer to ensure secure and limited distribution and it permits full audio and video tracks to be enjoyed by reviewers or consumers on a sample disc without concerns of content redistribution." Therefore,  it could be ideal for adult entertainment and other sensitive digital content.

The development of DivX video and other smaller file formats has resulted in widespread consumer DVD ripping, allowing illegally shared adult content to propagate rapidly and unmonitored through Internet communities, P2P networks and newsgroups. The bad news is that once on these networks, minors have immediate and unrestricted access to this adult content and this problem will undoubtedly continue to grow at an accelerated pace as more DVD ripping programs become available (many are even available for free if you know where to look.) Parents and the adult entertainment industry are alarmed (and with good reason) that the ease of sharing adult content over the Internet is exposing minors to inappropriate material. Perhaps this is the solution some have been waiting for...

MRT CEO, Hank Risan said, "Through the implementation of this unique technology, the adult entertainment community and major motion film companies can exhibit their willingness to proactively protect and ensure that adult content does not fall into the hands of minors without inhibiting freedom of artistic expression."

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