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May 05, 2005

RealNetworks Stock Rises On Music Outlook

AP: RealNetworks had a good day today, a day after its Q1 earings showed a small first-quarter profit and its raised forecasst for the year. Its stock rose about 10 percent on Nasdaq...
As we reported yesterday, revenue from music rose 86 percent to $22.2 million during the first quarter, outpacing game sales, which grew 80 percent to $12.2 million.
"The key for RealNetworks over the next few quarters will be to demonstrate strong revenue growth with its newly released Rhapsody product," Piper Jaffray analyst Aaron M. Kessler said in a report to clients. "It will be critical for Rhapsody to cement its market share as the competition is increasing in the subscription business, with aggressive marketing from Napster and with Yahoo likely to enter the market over the next couple of months."

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