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May 12, 2005

Ringtone Freebies Integrated In New Mobile Game

Chart Attack: Rap group G-Unit has signed up with Zingy to produce some mobile games...which sort of cements the music genre's status as the king of cross-promotion...hip hop already dominates the ringtone charts. "The first game to be released is called G-Unit: Free Yayo, the plot being a struggle to rescue Yayo from the grasp of an evil record label. Players can select Fiddy, Banks or Buck as their characters in the game." Quite frankly I find the concept amusing, but am once again impressed with hip hops ability to innovate with something that should be blindingly obvious. "As an added bonus, players will be able to acquire such freebies as ringtones and wallpapers as they progress through the game." It's not only a good way to get people to buy the game, it's fantastic promotion for the band as players are continuously reminded of G-Unit's music and image. (via Ringtonia)

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