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May 27, 2005

RipDigital To Offer Preloaded iPods

iPodlounge: By combining the leading digital music player with the leading CD conversion service, RipDigital has created the easiest and fastest way to make the jump to digital music. For about a dollar per CD, RipDigital will sell you a new iPod full of your favorite music by transferring your entire music collection from optical disc to digital soundfiles (multiple formats provided i.e., MP3, AAC, lossless, WMA, FLAC). The press release is HERE and I just love the marketing approach - "Perfect For the Dad Who Loves Music and Deserves Free Time."  (Of course you still have to mail them stacks of CD's from your personal collection, but it sure beats ripping them one by one yourself...)

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Especially now that you can easily get the music back off the iPod and onto your desktop.

Posted by: Mike Sauter | May 27, 2005 3:40:16 PM

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