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June 30, 2005

Creating A Pre-Release Online Buzz Through Podcasting

Mi2N: For many independent artists, there are several exciting alternative tools for expanding their audiences outside of FM radio, MTV and the major label system. Detroit Rock Band "The Transfer" has recently been using one to promote their new independent release Romantics & Addicts. The first single "Down With Everything" is now getting hundreds of plays on podcast and internet radio stations alike after being added to 25 podcast stations this week...Thanks to the digital revolution and Podcasting, the article points out that techno savvy bands have new opportunities to market their music even before the CD is finished being mixed or manufactured...In this case, the band started contacting podcast stations before the product was even ready...IMHO that's a smart move that I'm sure will become a required release strategy as the new medium grows steadily to reach critical mass...

"We couldn't get any airplay from terrestrial stations without a finished record or without using costly and timely promotional machines already in place, but we could send MP3s to internet stations and podcasters and they loved the song...We've had really credible results and personal response from the podcasters and the listeners equally."

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