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June 16, 2005

EMI Music Partners With Yo! Sushi

Netimperative: EMI's music and video content will soon be delivered to seven iPods and plasma screens located in two of Yo! Sushi’s newest restaurants...The iPods (available in listening booths) are part of a marketing collaboration between Yo! Sushi and Apple UK. The music content will be updated regularly with the latest digital releases along with mood and genre-themed play lists...

Georgia Hall, head of marketing at Yo! Sushi, said: “The deal with EMI Music UK is bringing back the old-fashioned listening booth, enabling diners to sample new music or re-visit old favourites while waiting for friends or simply as entertainment if dining alone.”

The unique deal is part of EMI's ongoing objective of delivering its content through a multi-channel, multi-media approach, but brings up licensing issues in my mind as the music playback inside the booths technically constitute a public performance...

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this is totally iDiner style...

Posted by: Tiffany | Jul 27, 2005 4:06:27 PM

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