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June 17, 2005

Friday's Headlines

--Microsoft's P2P Avalanche - Promising improvements over BitTorrent's P2P File swarming through network coding, Avalanche provides a cost effective, internet scalable and very fast file distribution solution (e.g. for TV on-demand, patches, software distribution).

--Britain's Queen Plugging into iPod - Proving her hipness (and Apple's), her highness reportedly bought a six-gigabyte silver model..

--Reasons To Be Cold On EMI - Perhaps the labels are a little over-reliant on one or two big releases per quarter to generate sales and should role up their A&R sleeves...Making back catalogues available online - could help ease the pressure to have quarterly breakout albums.

--Chart Your Own Course - eMusic unveiled its new 'PowerCharts' - claiming to be the most advanced filtering/charting capability ever created for a digital music service. Basically, it allows users to determine who's on top of the charts based solely on their own preferences from more than 100 attributes...I like the fact that once you have created a chart - you can return again and again to the chart, as it updates daily.

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