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June 22, 2005

IODA Announces D3 ASP Platform for Physical Music Distributors

Press Release: This one slipped by me last week, but IODA has announced the availability of a robust new digital distribution technology platform for the traditional physical music distribution industry called D3 (D-Cubed) which stands for "Digital Distribution Dashboard." The Co-branded D3 launches with partners Allegro/Nail Distribution, Synergy Distribution, Outside Music, Inertia Distribution, and others and the system provides an easy, fast, and low cost solution for offline music distributors to offer comprehensive digital services to their label clients powered by a proven, industry-leading digital distribution platform.

Distributors can enjoy the benefits of a custom branded implementation of IODA’s unique Rightsholder Dashboard tools and distribution platform while maintaining their important label relationships directly with IODA taking care of all licensing, encoding and delivery, and accounting functions as well as providing promotion and marketing support as well...Sounds great, but I wonder how big of a cut they get for all that.

“The D3 solution lets offline distributors enter the digital music market with a first-class solution in a matter of days, without significant overhead or investment,” explains IODA founder and CEO Kevin Arnold. “Distributors can now offer a full range of distribution services to their labels.”

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