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June 09, 2005

Microsoft Forced To Unbundle Media Player

NetImperative: Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will release a version of its Windows operating system without the Media Player application on June 15 to comply with European Union anti-monopoly rules and the revamped software will be made available to computer makers next week in five language versions - available for retailers July 1...Ten additional language versions will go on sale in July.....This move is expected to create a more level playing field for market rivals and is a direct result of the European Commission's previous ruling ordering Microsoft to strip its Windows Media Player from the OS so that computer makers can buy other software to play films and music from competitors. As part of the compliance, the software giant was also forced to make a few additional changes to the OS to keep the Commission happy - including removing music sample files (in the Windows audio format) from the 'My Music' folder and removing Windows Movie Maker...However, the 'N' software (nickname for the new Windows XP Home Edition N and Professional Edition N) will not cost any less than regular Windows, so I don't see how these antitrust remedies are useful from the consumer's perspective...

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