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June 10, 2005

Microsoft Planning Music Subscription Service

ZDNet: Microsoft is planning to improve the experience of its MSN-branded online music store with a new subscription service expected later this year that will include a downloadable software application separate from the standard Windows Media Player. Yahoo's recent market entrance has undoubtedly shortened their time table, but it's about time they get their feet wet and get off the sidelines... "The tentative features of the new service (which is still under development) include advanced community aspects and playlist-sharing. But sources say Microsoft is also considering a more direct attack on Apple, seeking rights from copyright holders to give subscribers a new, Microsoft-formatted version of any song they've purchased from the iTunes store so those songs can be played on devices other than an iPod."

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I think Microsoft will be successful regardless of the route they decide to take. They have the money to back their actions. For example they have Reggae Gold 2005 (The best reggae compilation ever) on MSN music for only 8.91 for the full ablum of 18 songs. I bet they still have to pay the label the same money they would if the album was not discounted, but they have deep pockets so they can handle it. Their pocket is also deep enough to make a music subscription work for them. I am worried about Napster and Rhapsody though, they may not last.

Posted by: Jah Son | Jun 11, 2005 9:40:24 PM

"Music for only 8.91 for the full ablum..."
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With music downloads of all popular artists at only USD 0.10 a song, this can be the final step for most people to buy music online and not download it using peer to peer software.

Posted by: Spooner | Jan 8, 2006 2:58:41 PM

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