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June 08, 2005

Musical Taste & Preference Database Market Growing

Yahoo: Companies like Savage Beast Technologies and San Francisco-based Siren Systems are busier than ever with the incredible task of trying to properly document the musical statistics of all recorded music and become the leaders in music navigation and recommendation technology...By using proprietary databases these companies can be highly responsive to each user, and provide an unparalleled degree of personalization...

"The point of our recommendation technology is not necessarily to identify the new hit, it is to help you to be a good editor" of song collections, said Siren chief executive Steve Skrzyniarz.  It's also true that some results might serve up suggestions that seem off the mark..."One thing we're trying to do is not think of an artist in terms of how they might be labeled in terms of the marketing of music, and be true to the recording itself," Savage Beast founder Tim Westergren said...That means we might match up artists that intuitively might not be musical neighbors."

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is there any statistics available to refer to in order to categorize individual states in the USA according to their music genre preferences ?

Posted by: nish | Oct 5, 2005 11:32:10 AM

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