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June 07, 2005

MusicNet Partners With MusicGremlin

Musicnet_1PressRelease: MusicNet announced today that it has entered into a partnership with MusicGremlin - the leading developer of direct-to-device music distribution technology and services. Under the deal, MusicGremlin hopes to provide consumers with an intuitive musical discovery experience combined with the most comprehensive digital music library of over 1.5 million tracks. MusicNet will power MusicGremlin’s music store and this relationship marks the first time that MusicNet is working with a partner focused on portable consumer devices...

The idea behind the technology is to basically eliminate the PC as the center of music enjoyment and to offer the first true mobile music subscription/download service. And the concept is "label-friendly" as anything can be loaded into the player, but only songs approved for sharing can get out. “We are pleased to expand our distribution network with such an innovative partner and play a role in MusicGremlin’s vision for changing the way that consumers will be able to discover and experience digital music on the go,” said Alan McGlade, CEO of MusicNet. MusicGremlin’s technology transforms MP3-style players into a “record store in your pocket.”

With MusicGremlin-enabled devices (1st generation devices expected to hit the streets in Q3-4 2005), customers can discover, manage and purchase digital music directly from their players—wirelessly and without a personal computer. MusicGremlin’s music store will rent music through a monthly subscription service and through 'a la carte' downloads offering permanent ownership. Compatible device owners will also be able to communicate with and even legally share music wirelessly with other users - creating a new mobile community of music enthusiasts that will no doubt become popular...helping record companies turn MP3 players into viral marketing tools by offering special deals, access to pre-release tracks and other interactive promotions to get consumers interested in buying more of their music.

MusicGremlin differentiates itself by combining portable device software and secure digital content distribution, which allows users to discover, purchase, manage, control and legally share their digital music collections directly from their digital audio players and its patent-pending technology allows these same devices to access the MusicGremlin Music Store and download tracks directly to MusicGremlin-compatible consumer electronics devices. Content owners will love it because it provides an end-to-end system, providing a secure and exciting new distribution channel and consumers will love not being tied down to a PC or laptop or worrying about the hassle of software installations and format incompatibilities...

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