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June 29, 2005

Muze Replaces Zullo; Bill Stensrud New CEO

Muze, one of the music (and other products like books etc) metadata company, has replaced its founder and industry fixture Paul Zullo, and had appointed Bill Stensrud, currently chairman of the Board, as its new CEO. Muze was recently bought out by venture firm Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, and Stensrud is also a managing director of the firm.
Muze is among the early pioneers in the music/books metadata space...the company was founded in 1991 and rose to prominence during the dotcom-boom days when online retailers used its database. These days online music services have been added to the roster.
Among the competitors left in the space include Gracenote and AllMusicGuide, and from reliable sources, I know that Enterprise is looking for a rollup play in the space, and there is some talk of Enterprise buying out AMG and rolling it up with Muze. AMG is now under the ownership of the Yucaipa Cos.
-- Venture Capital Firm Acquires Muze
-- News from Muze

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