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June 17, 2005

Podcasting In The Grey Zone

ZDNet: There's no denying that Podcasting is here to stay (especially after the next version of iTunes makes it even simpler to do) but there are some other recent signs that the major labels are listening to the medium's growing demand and seeking new ways to put podcasting DJs on more stable legal footing (i.e lower bitrates and DRM...) "The headaches that music podcasters face come from deficiencies in current copyright law that allow music to be streamed over the Internet without asking permission - but don't allow downloads." For Podcasters who want to avoid getting sued, getting clearances for every song obviously takes tremendous manpower and resources and is not very practical...So, a new blanket license (similar to internet radio webcasting) would certainly help... As a result of the overall confusion and lack of easy licensing procedures, most stations are sticking with talk formats to avoid these grey areas until the law catches up with technology...

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