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June 02, 2005

Rhapsody's Catalog Shyness

Derek Slater: What's with these changing rights on rentals on Rhapsody music service? "I had been listening to the album for a few weeks, when, today, I noticed that I can no longer play 'URAQT' off the Universal release, and that the single version is only available for sale and not for streaming. Same goes for 'Bucky Done Gone', though I can play it off the Beggar's Banquet release. What gives?"

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It's a great question-- and there are lots of answers.

Music that's available in the Rhapsody service (or any service --Napster, Yahoo etc.) can be taken down for a number of reasons, from re-encoding (if users complain about skips or sound quality) to requests from our label partners.

In the latter case, services like Rhapsody offer music with the set of rights that are granted by our label partners (i.e. available for any and/or all of the following: on-demand streaming, tethered download, portable device transfer, purchase). If those partners ask us to change those rights, we do. If we think that the partner may have mistakenly asked us to remove a song or album (mistakes happen!), we ask them about it and in many cases that music is made available again through the service. If we think that we should have rights to certain songs/albums/artists under our agreements with a label, we ask about that, too. We're constantly striving to make as much music available as possible, with as much flexibility as possible in how our users can enjoy that music -- whether it's streaming it, downloading it, buying it, or transferring it to a portable device. Hope that helps -- happy to answer more questions on this if anyone's curious.

Rhapsody PR guy
[email protected]

Posted by: matt graves | Jun 6, 2005 1:07:18 PM

How do i get a hold of the listings in the rhapsody catalog? In other words, i do i know that i want these services?

Posted by: german | Aug 7, 2006 10:44:35 PM

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