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June 21, 2005

Sound Lab Opens Up World's First Soundnasium

soundnasium (sound) -nz-e-um) n.

1.  A room or building equipped for making music.

GarageSpin reports that NY-based Sound Lab is offering an innovative new "music production membership subscription service" by which musicians and DJs can produce pro quality audio without owning pro gear themselves. The Lab launched the first membership-based "soundnasium" in May, targeting a market that lies between customers that use professional recording studios and customers that use home recording studios. The facility hosts numerous digital workstations, a beat school, and a full blown recording studio and as a member you get access to the workstations - but Beat School courses and Studio time cost extra...Interesting concept and I wish them the best of luck...Click the link above to read an interview with CEO Sean Anderson (aka DJ Johnny Qwest).

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