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June 08, 2005

Sweden Cracks The Whip On File-sharers

TheRegister: Effective July 1, all file-sharing (downloading now being included too) will be banned in Sweden...As a result of this recent legislation, the anti-piracy group Antipiratbyran (APB) has reported 200 people to the police for breaking copyright laws by exchanging music, games and films online.

While APB had already sent copyright warnings to 400,000 file-swappers, the organization has been criticized for potentially violating Sweden's privacy laws by collecting IP addresses. But after more than 1,000 complaints were sent to Swedish authorities, the APB said it has changed its method of identifying suspected file-swappers. "Because it needs approval from the Swedish Data Inspection Board, APB has decided to temporarily halt using its own data collection software and report suspects directly to the police - claiming it has other methods than storing IP addresses for tracing people."

--Sweden Tightens Anti-piracy Laws

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