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June 03, 2005

V-Disco Website Launched

V-Disco by Artificial LifeV-Disco: Artificial Life has launched the website for its upcoming product V-Disco, which will let people choose an avatar and visit a virtual disco to listen to music, dance and a number of other things...check out the website, it's pretty cool. The dancing is pretty funny...
Artificial Life will continuously update the songs in the disco to the latest hits, which you will be able to download along with ringtones, truetones and ringback tones. If you have to pay for these (and unless they're offered as a promotion by the record labels I think you will) it follows the companies trend of selling products that allow people to purchase things within them, creating an ongoing revenue stream. The first floor will offer top international hits, the second floor region-specific hits and the third floor a wide selection of everything else -- Oldie Goldies, Alternative, etc...
The virtual disco also has some interactivity elements which allow you to chat with other users and rate their dancing skills, and even vote in the "Avatar Model Contests"...which sounds kind of silly but is probably a good way for Artificial Life to find out what kind of avatars people like.
V-Disco AvatarsFinally, V-Disco will be a strong promotional vehicle..."Real stars will be represented as animated avatars and will perform acts in the V-Disco from time to time to promote their music. If you are visiting the V-Disco while they are performing you may win some major prizes and rewards." Artificial Life is also looking for sponsors and for companies wishing to advertise or place their products in the virtual disco, so when you buy a beverage you order a particular brand, for example.
Artificial Life is a very innovative company which releases products which are impressive because of the amount of advanced technical features involved, so I'm eager to see how well they do in the marketplace.(via Mobile Tech News)
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