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July 31, 2005

Ad Execs Rethink Music

Reuters: U.S. advertisers and their agencies are becoming talent scouts, music producers, programmers and promoters to reach the consumers who tune out from the world around them with iPods and other music players, eschewing ad-heavy radio.
Broadcasters are also reaching out to the iPod fan base. Radio Disney, part of Walt Disney Co., said last week it would sell downloads of songs on its playlist via iTunes, connecting its brand more closely to singers popular with kids.

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"talent scouts, music producers, programmers and promoters". Sounds like all of the functions of a record label, except perhaps for booking the tour. Perhaps we are seeing the emergence of a new breed of "label", which uses music to drive some other business. Starbucks Records, anyone?


Posted by: Oren | Aug 1, 2005 2:11:49 PM

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