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July 21, 2005

Coremedia Combines OMA DRM With Microsoft DRM

CoremediaGerman-based CoreMedia just announced that it's the first company to successfully combine the mobile OMA DRM standard with Microsoft DRM "as a secure client implementation." In other words, it has developed a secure handshake between the two leading DRM systems and as a result - CoreMedia now supports the interoperability of the two most common DRM standards with its Multi-DRM technology for enhanced interoperability between handsets and PCs...

In addition, CoreMedia delivers a plug-in for the Windows Media Player enabling PC playback of OMA-protected music purchased via mobile handsets. This means that, for the first time, consumers can now transfer music purchased for their mobile phone directly to their PC without additional downloading or fees. This is exactly what consumers want and I bet this combination will perhaps become the new standard for which every other digital music store must adapt to as the industry hobbles along...CoreMedia DRM-enabled services for premium content (i.e., music and video clips) have already been successfully launched for 20 operators in Africa, Asia- Pacific and across Europe...

"It's all about convergence. It is important for content providers and operators to offer their music services with cross platform capabilities, allowing their customers the choice where to listen to purchased music", says Dr. Willms Buhse, Director Products & Marketing.'

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CoreMedia's OMA DRM plugin for the PC is not the first. It's not even the second. Nokia announced one in February of this year. Philips has had its PC Companion for OMA DRM 2.0 out since at least April.

Posted by: Bill Rosenblatt | Jul 25, 2005 9:50:29 AM

Yes, but announcing the capability of building a bridge (i.e., Nokia) is surely different than having a fully functional prototype... I've been recently informed by CoreMedia officials that the company is indeed the first company to convert OMA files into MSDRM files...And as far as I know, Philips cannot do this yet...

Posted by: Todd Beals | Jul 26, 2005 11:11:59 AM

Actually CoreMedia technology is used in several Nokia DRM projects. So it was the first ;)

Posted by: Willms Buhse | May 11, 2007 5:44:52 AM


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