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July 27, 2005

Customer Frustration Leads To Lost Sales Too

infoworld: This article sums up some of the frustrations that many honest and law abiding music fans are being forced to go through dealing with copy protection and DRM. Perhaps  the major labels should concentrate more on adding value not diminishing it..."For all their weeping and wailing about peer-to-peer piracy, sometimes it seems like the music industry giants are trying to discourage us from buying their CDs...As dumb as it may seem, their message to customers is clear. Please refrain from downloading their content from dubious online Internet sources, they say - go buy their CDs and DVDs from the outlets they prefer. And the incentive they're offering is DRM that won't stop the piracy they decry but may very well prevent you from making fair use of the product you purchased. Gee, how can we pass up a deal like that?"

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