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July 18, 2005

Fox Interactive/News Corp Buys MySpace.com and Parent

paidContent.org: In what would kickstart News Corp's online ambitions, its newly formed unit Fox Interactive Media has bought out the hottest social networkign and music site MySpace.com (along with its parent Intermix) for $580 million in cash.
News Corp. will pay $12 per share for Intermix. News Corp. plans to incorporate MySpace.com and Intermix's 30 other Websites into its newly formed unit. The new additions will nearly double News Corp.'s U.S. Web traffic to more than 45 million unique monthly visitors, according to the companies.
Some more details in the release.
More to come...

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My name is Terra Cooke and I teach child/teen/women's safety and self defense classes in Northern Virginia and have recently done some research on myspace.com --- and I'm deelply concerned with what I'm finding.

At first it was for safety reasons (personal exposure with names/school names/soccer teams/pictures and all kinds of personal information coming in from other online 'friends'), so that we would know how best to incorporate good info for online safety. But found to my horror...the easy access to massive amounts of pornography.... pornography at a level that's beyond all imagination.

Yesterday, by clicking on picture from the home page 'cool new friends' - and then another - then another from there (slightly suggestive photo) which then led to throngs of pornographic sites....with everything from still pictures to moving videos of hard core porn. Took me 90 seconds to get there.

Today, I got there from one of the middle schoolers sites..... and can follow where these kids are going. It was incredibly easy and accessible. Again, it took no time to get there.

I'm horrified.... and scared for what this means to our society. Parents don't even have a clue yet. They just think it's like and I.M. site... and kids like the social networking of it.

You've done an article on myspace before? It urgently needs to be revisited now.
Executives at News Corps (Fox Interactive News - aren't they the new owners?) need to address this issure immediately.

Any thoughts?

Posted by: Terra | Feb 13, 2006 2:44:24 PM

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