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July 22, 2005

Interview With Big Champagne CEO

technewsworld:  Big Champagne CEO Eric Garland discusses the impact of recording industry lawsuits on file sharing, the key drivers behind the phenomenon, and emerging trends surrounding the technology..."Depending on which reports you read, NPD Group says that from March of 2004 to March of 2005 file sharing activity is up 25 percent. Our view of the same phenomenon puts it somewhere closer to 20 percent growth. But it's significant growth. There are still more people using some variety of file sharing tools than there were in the heyday of Napster." While there is a lot of discrepancy in the reported data on file sharing, Garland thinks that "There are many different ways of taking the tape measure to a phenomenon like this...I think that most of the different researchers are expressing the same story in different terms."

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