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July 27, 2005

Music Pirates Actually Purchase More

webuser: According to digital music research company, The Leading Question, "music pirates spend four and half times more on legitimate music downloads than average fans." That's not too hard to believe if you stop and think about it...Despite the RIAA and the IFPI's propaganda and public relations strategy - discovering new music online has long been thought of as being complementary to physical/digital sales and here's some more quantitative proof to prove it...(As far as I can tell, the survey only included 600 respondents - but even so - it still provides us with some valuable data.)

The BBC also reports that  "The research clearly shows that music fans who break piracy laws are highly valuable customers," according to Paul Brindley, director of The Leading Question. "It also points out that they are eager to adopt legitimate music services in the future...There's a myth that all illegal downloaders are mercenaries hell-bent on breaking the law in pursuit of free music...In reality, hardcore fans are extremely enthusiastic about paid-for services, as long as they are suitably compelling." Read the article if you can as there are some interesting findings, especially with respect to mobile music...

--File swappers are biggest digital music spenders

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