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July 27, 2005

New Piracy Report

Press Release: I came across a new research report this morning being put out by the Canadian Gieschen Consultancy, which provides counterfeit intelligence analysis and security research relating to documents, products and intellectual property. While I'm not a paying subscriber of DOPIP (Document, Product and Intellectual Property Security), some of the findings have been posted online...Surprisingly, among the 46 countries analyzed, the US reported the highest IP property violations at $87 million and CD's ranked 6th in items being counterfeited...

--The Internet now accounts for 13% of incidents where counterfeit and pirated goods are sold.

--Intellectual property theft incidents (trademark infringement and copyright violations) also reached its highest level this year at 42% of all counterfeiting activity.

In summarizing the activity for the month of June, Glen Gieschen, Managing Director of Gieschen Consultancy stated "The market for fake and bogus goods is growing with the help of the Internet.  Nearly 13% of all enforcement activity for June was directed towards spam, internet auctions, retail sites and other Internet activities which sell or distribute counterfeit and pirated items.  P2P services such as eDonkey and BitTorrent play a significant role in copyright infringement as music, films, software and books are distributed freely or at a fraction of the cost."  (Thanks Mike !)

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