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July 29, 2005

RIAA Adds To Its Anti-Piracy Campaign

FMQB: The RIAA issued another 765 lawsuits yesterday, ever determined in its quest to stem the tide of sharing music online. The groups position is that downloading without permission is ‘garden variety theft’ and it thinks these lawsuits will send strong messages to the users of certain P2P networks that their actions are illegal, they can be identified and the consequences are real...But I don't know...I still believe that most people want to do the right thing...surely there are better strategies to increase sales and educate the average consumer. Slyck reports that the total number of lawsuits now totals 12,326 individuals (most are Kazaa users)  and the total population of the file-sharing community reached approiximately 9 million users last month. So, the total P2P population actually doubled since 2003 – the same year the RIAA began suing alleged infringers...You tell me if this sounds like "real" progress for the RIAA...

RIAA President Cary Sherman stated, “Enforcing our rights against the businesses and individuals engaged in music theft is a critical component of our overall effort to discourage illegal downloading and encourage music fans to turn to legal services. We know that our education and enforcement efforts have made a real impact. With broadband penetration skyrocketing, use of legitimate services continues to surge, while the wildfire-like growth of illicit services has been arrested.” 

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