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July 01, 2005

The SoundBridge Solution

digitimes: As you're all well aware, the digital media market is fraught with competing technologies, standards and interoperability issues and here Chris Hall does a good job of airing the issues in a three-part interview with Anthony Wood, founder and CEO of California-based Roku.

Sound_bridgeOne of their latest products, the Soundbridge, combines a standalone Internet “radio” receiver with the ability to wirelessly access digital audio content on the PC...Basically, it plays your PC or Mac digital music files anywhere in the house – connecting your stereo or powered speakers to your computer’s digital music library. Or, listen to a variety of Internet Radio stations, without even turning on your computer. Very Cool !  WMA, MP3, AAC, AIFF and WAV music formats are supported and it's network ready with wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It's the best selling digital media receiver in the US (and probably worldwide), and its popularity is growing fast.... Currently there are three models in the market retailing at US$149, US$199 and US$399...

"For consumers it’s quite a challenge to understand that the different formats don’t work with each other, and that if they buy Apple’s music they’re locked in and they can’t use Microsoft’s content, and vice versa...To be honest, I think that these days the bigger issue is the lack of a single unified DRM standard, worldwide. That’s what causes the most headaches for a consumer."

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