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July 21, 2005

WEA and Tower Records Unveil "Snap and Win" Sweepstakes

WEA, Warner Music Group's U.S. sales and retail marketing company, and Tower Records recently unveiled a groundbreaking sweepstakes that gives fans a chance to win a trip to see Warner Music Group artists 'Transplants' and 'My Chemical Romance' on the VANS Warped Tour - simply by snapping a picture with their mobile camera phone...

The innovative promotion dubbed "Get Your Hands on the Bands" features CDs from performing artists from the summer tours in custom 6-foot standup displays (powered by Mobot) available nationally at all 83 US-based Tower Records stores now through August. Customers visiting stores can enter to win by taking a picture with their mobile camera phone of the official "Get Your Hands on the Bands" logo located on the retail displays.  Mobot's visual search and recognition technology recognizes the image and, within seconds, sends back a message to the phone confirming entry into the sweepstakes. (For a retailer or advertiser, Mobot is easy to deploy because it doesn't require any changes to the visual - no URLs, short codes, or product codes are necessary for Mobot to recognize an image...and Mobot is available on all national U.S. wireless carriers and works with all camera phones.)

"We are excited to offer WEA and Tower Records a powerful new tool to interact with their customers," said Russ Gocht, CEO of Mobot, Inc. "Mobot lets customers react to an offer instantly - right at the moment their interest is piqued.  With the Mobot technology we help make print ads, CD cases and retail displays interactive.  We can easily incorporate artist information and gameplay like scavenger hunts that makes it fun for customers and puts the focus on products."

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