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August 01, 2005

Do Copy-protected CD's Really Stop Casual Pirates?

Yahoo: Here's a good refresher with respect to "Secure CD's", which generally restrict users to only 3 copies of discs that they legitimately buy..."The copy protections are not iron-clad, however: You can make three copies of the CD on each PC on which you load it. You can also make three additional copies of the CD from the tracks that you have ripped to your Windows Media Player library. Once you have burned CDs using Windows Media Player, the tracks cease to be protected, and you can upload this audio CD into another media player, such as ITunes. And once the tracks are uploaded, you can burn them as often as you like." Sounds like the emperor's not wearing any clothes to me...

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And let's not forget that disabling autorun for a computer's CD drive (or simply holding down the 'shift' key when inserting a "protected" disc) bypasses this software entirely. So mp3s and even uncompressed audio can be ripped directly from the disc with no restrictions.

When I was a kid, someone in my school figured out that if you put your cable TV on channel 6 and adjusted the fine tuning controls, you could get a no-audio B&W picture from HBO without actually having the service. And then you could spin your radio dial all the way to the left, you could get the HBO audio. And soon everybody in school knew how to see R-rated movies even if your family didn't have HBO.

Sony BMG's "speed bump" philosophy is about as effective as, well, most speed bumps.

Posted by: Mike Sauter | Aug 3, 2005 9:04:58 AM

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