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August 18, 2005

Users Don’t Want MP3 Mobile Phones

Pocket-Lint: [by James Pearce] A survey run by gadget site Pocket-Lint found that 72% of 4184 visitors to the site from around the globe had absolutely no interest in listening to music on mobile phones. This is one of those “glass of water” results, since 23% of responents said they do listen to music on their mobile phone, and 20% of the installed mobile user base is a signficant amount.
Of course, surveys like this have a number of problems, including selection bias and (depending on how the surveys are run) people voting multiple times.
Still, it is another result which indicates that mobile phones are not going to morph into MP3 players that just happen to be able to connect to the mobile network…the most important part will always be the phone. Handsets with embedded MP3 players offer a lot of benefits for mobile users and the mobile industry, as long as they are integrated into the phone in a good way.

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i suppose the point is, would users go out of their way to avoid a phone with an MP3 player (which is getting harder and harder to do in any case); or would they not use an mp3 player with a phone *without proper storage*.

The Nokia N91 should impact on the answers to both questions...

Posted by: woodentopz | Aug 19, 2005 10:53:34 AM

I just can't understand the logic of the record labels. They can't seem to get it in their head that music downloads and ringtones are too totally different beings. I read that they're going to charge $2.00 for slow (at least until broadband phones are the norm) music downloads to cell phones. Are they crazy???? When you can easily download to your computer or a dedicated mp3 player for 99¢ or even less if you're using a subscription to go service. They're shooting themselves in their own feet and either they're too stupid or just too damn greedy to notice. They've had their run on the backs of artists for decades but now times are changing and either they learn to adapt or they will die.

Posted by: Cartel | Aug 23, 2005 8:21:05 AM

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