May 05, 2005

Rhapsody To Go Way Too Buggy; To Role Out New Update

PCWorld: Or so says PC World's tester, after testing out the new portable subscription service from RealNetworks, Rhapsody To Go..."[D]espite trying with two IRiver H10 MP3 players, two Rhapsody accounts, and two PCs, and getting suggestions from Real engineers, I was never able to transfer any Rhapsody track I hadn't bought outright onto a portable player. For me, at any rate, Rhapsody To Go just didn't work."
And a lot of people are complaining on the company's forums as well..
And due to this, Real has just announced plans to roll out updated software in the coming week...

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February 24, 2005

Review: Sonos Digital Music System

AP: The stylish, well-conceived Sonos Digital Music System is designed for audiophiles with a large digital music collection that they want to access in high fidelity through something other than PC speakers.

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Review: Apple iPod Add-Ons

AP: The immensely popular iPod portable music player is spawning a raft of add-on products that add value and/or style. A review of some of the products...

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