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Love Monkey Redux

Did you really love "Love Monkey" ? Most likely you didn't really have much of a chance to fall for the CBS show (based on a Kyle Smith novel) about a record biz A&R guy and his relationships before the network yanked it from its schedule. Well, now you can... Despite the corporate split at Viacom that spun the cable biz to one side and broadcast to another the short-lived CBS series has made its way over to Vh1.

The cable network will run all eight episodes, half of which weren't broadcast by CBS. We saw some of those and were willing to give it time to grow -- although we were suprised that Tom Cavanaugh's "Ed" character might really be his only character and that the plots seemed to, well, not real... yet, there was good music featured, like songs by James Blunt and Robbers On High Street, as well as Teddy Geiger, who played "Wayne," a singer/songwriter that Cavanaugh's character was developing.

Anywho, there are no plans for new episodes... just the originally ordered lot. Maybe if we see the whole thing, we'll get the whole picture. Then we can cast judgement, again.

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