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We Dare You To Call Him An April Fool

Rollins_henry_01mTomorrow will find the Independent Film Channel (IFC) debuting the new Henry Rollins Show, which retools the former Black Flag singer's film-oriented rant fest to include more than film.

We love Henry and not just because we're afraid that he might hit us. He's outspoken and generally right and funny as hell when he wants to be. Giving him a TV forum to hit all sorts of entertainment and political subjects will be nothing short of great.

First episode: Director Oliver Stone and the irrepressible Sleater-Kinney. Check out bonus performance footage of the latter on the show's IFC Web page.

Those jonesing for the musical Henry apparently won't have to wait long. A poster reports that he's reforming the Rollins Band. And Contact News says a late-summer tour is in the offing, and quotes him as saying he needs to get into shape.

If he needs to get into shape, we're in a sad state indeed.

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