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No Tears For Bucky

BuckyEven though his pure lack of conceivable singing talent made his exit from the "American Idol" fold inevitable, it was still a bit of a surprise that Bucky was tossed at the conclusion of last night's results show.

It's possible that the irony of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" didn't resonate well with the fat-bottomed American base of voters. But it was certainly better than Kellie's "Bohemian Rhapsody" or Elliot's painful "Somebody To Love."

Maybe everyone has been snorting, smoking or otherwise ingesting whatever it is that the judges have been on this season, as their kudos for some genuinely caterwauling performances has been quizzical enough for some faithful "Idol" fans to suggest that a fix is in. That's possible, but doubtful if only because the praise Simon, Randy & Paula have been lumping on what are at best unusually poor karaoke covers has been so across the board, it's more plausible that none of them are actually paying attention anymore.

Nonetheless, Bucky's history, and that restores our trust in America's taste. Of course, this is a that is being tested on a weekly basis. Good luck next week when Rod Stewart is enlisted to advise the contestants on, erm, singing.

PS: Boo to the "Idol" web team who posted photos of Taylor's April 11 performance that make his misguided mic stand kick look like it was a cool move. The guy looked like an utter tool -- and strangely endeared him to many watchers -- but the photos in the galleries at don't reflect that reality.

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