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None Of Your Bizanski

BizanskiSo, yeah, we checked out that killer Wolf Parade video for "I'll Believe in Anything" that Stereogum posted but then some guy commented/sniffed, "It's not as good as the 'Modern World' video though," so we were forced, FORCED, to check out that video, which was (in fact) awesomer. So we dug up the director, Adam Bizanski, and discovered his treasure trove of other amazing animated/stop-motion music vids.

Check out his work on Zero 7's "Left Behind" featuring Jose Gonzalez, the Shins' "Pink Bullets" and "Papercats" by a very impressive Yoni Bloch, who we'd never heard of but now are glad we have.

August 31, 2006 | Permalink


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