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Flavor Flav 'Pauses' In Reflection

Flavor_flav_01m Ever sat and wondered, "what’s Flavor Flav’s most memorable career moment?"…well, cheer up, here it is: circa 1992-93 when the flamboyant member of Public Enemy was touring overseas with fellow rap group Run-D.M.C.

"Me and [the late D.M.C DJ] Jam Master Jay used to have battles on who could make the best pause button tapes.
Back in the days, pause button tapes were the thing," Flav says, referring to the makeshift DJ mixtapes of that era. "That’s when Jam Master Jay came up with a record called 'Pause.' He came up with that record because his boy Flavor Flav and him used to battle with the pause button tapes. That’s one of my most memorable moments."

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We Be Jimming

James_jim_01lJaded Insider was lucky enough to catch a solo acoustic set from My Morning Jacket's Jim James last night (Sept. 28) at New York's Angel Orensanz Center, as part of the 40th issue party for the Fader magazine. James' voice positively soared in this vintage synagogue, particularly on a spine-tingling version of "Golden." Also performed: "It Beats 4 U," "Gideon," "Hopefully," "The Bear" and "Bermuda Highway." In addition, James played "What a Wonderful Man" and "Anytime" on what appeared to be a rinky-dink miniature keyboard, and thanked the Fader for not "injecting too much hot sauce" into a profile they'd written about him. MMJ returns to the road in North America Nov. 9 in Charleston, S.C.; Jaded Insider highly recommends the band's new live album, "Okonokos," released earlier this week via ATO.

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Midnight Cultures

Lidell_jamieWired magazine and its techno-savvy enthusiasts have taken to the streets in New York this week for NextFest and with the festivities came Next Music on Tuesday night. Beck, like last year's honoree Jeff Tweedy, was invited to curate the concert at Irving Plaza and, in turn, he chose Of Montrel and Jamie Lidell. It may be of no coincidence that scrambling the letters in "wired" is "weird."

Entering the stage with giant (creepy) masks with fey frontman Kevin Barnes and another guitarist donning pretty, pretty dresses, Of Montreal pile-drove through several cuts like "Forecast Fascist Future" and "Disconnect the Dots." They also touched on three or four new songs from their upcoming "Hissing Fauna" release, which apparently will be a much more soul-driven, glammy and dramatic effort. Packed with theatrics and at least two costume changes on Barnes' part (daisy dukes + hairy legs = epilepsy), the group was entertaining and tight but may have been on for a bit too long for our liking.

Can't say that we like the albums of his that we've heard all that much, but Jamie Lidell was a pleasant surpise live. Bouncing between Motown, trip-hop and soul-house, this Brit was easy on the ears and eyes (see above) and eventually got the crowd dancing. Gorgeous voice, fine skills with a loop machine and tables... a real treat.

No, Beck didn't show up. Yes, we were secretly wish he would. David Byrne was there, however. Keepin' hip with the kids, as ever.

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Sun, Sun, Sun: Here It Comes

Img_4263 Joseph Arthur treated a hometown crowd at New York's Bowery Ballroom last night (Sept. 27) to a surprise appearance from R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, who shared vocals with the Akron, Ohio, native on "In the Sun" during the encore. Stipe, of course, spearheaded a relief campaign for Hurricane Katrina victims last fall with his own cover of "In the Sun." Jaded Insider is proud to share our very own video of the collaboration by clicking here. Arthur, whose new album, "Nuclear Daydream," was released last week, just kicked off a North American tour backed by a crack four-piece band. His parents, sister and old buds from Akron were on hand for the evening as well.

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Ryan Adams Wants You To Know He Drinks A Lot

RyanadamsnavigatorWith folks knowing we're the psychotic Ryan Adams fans that we are, about seven people emailed us simultaneously about the, erm, additions to his site.

Ryan Adams raps. Yes, we said it, and you'd better believe it. Name-dropping Kevin Costner and blowing kisses to his critics/self with lines like "his albums are long and sappy, basically alternative country but crappy" -- it sounds as though a smug Adams meets Beck's " Stereopathetic Soul Manure" in a dark bar and discusses their own bad press. And it's hilarious.

After observing the track in its full glory, click to the "Transporter" section and then the little buttons therein for rough snippets of country songs about drinking.

Addendum: Ryan is redeemed! Jaded Insider has just heard the new Willie Nelson track "Songbird," on which Adams plays, and it is simply outstanding. Think Beth Orton's "Concrete Sky," on which Adams sang, but even more wistful and memorable. "Songbird" is the title track from Willie's new album of the same name, due Oct. 31 via Lost Highway.

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