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Touch And Go's 25th: Bits And Pieces

Leftovers from the celebration:

  • Backstage, label owner Corey Rusk was thrilled with the turnout and never-ending praise from fans and musicians alike. There are a few groups he tried and wished would reunite to join them, including (most notably) Slint and the Jesus Lizard. Just wasn't happening.
  • Joey Burns told us his band, Calexico, is writing and recording a song for an upcoming film, and might (if the Lord truly does love us) be sitting down with Willie Nelson real soon.
  • Jeff Tweedy bore a beard on Saturday, but shaved that sucker for Sunday. There's no disguising you, J-Train, the sheer force of genius within you is too strong to go unnoticed.
  • There were shockingly few rude concert-goers, plus lots of babies and infants in attendance. Chicago + Touch And Go Lovers = Peace On Earth?
  • Hey guy with the Hitler 'stache: who are you? Why are you here? Who sent you?

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That gentleman's name is Gabriel. He's in a fantastic band called Mahjongg. Gabriel was volunteering for the Hideout.

The moustache? Not Hilter, my friend. Ron Mael.

Posted by: adam | Sep 14, 2006 11:20:22 PM

discovering it is difficult to google said "mahjongg"...

and ron mael, of sparks? yeh, his mustache was inspired by the same 'tator... great band, however.

Posted by: katie, a princess | Sep 15, 2006 2:58:23 PM

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