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Viva Hate (Or Mild Distaste)

Moz Blogger Obscure Sound managed an interview recently with guitarist Patrick Krief of the Dears, touching on the band's busy schedule, their personnel and, most interestingly, their relationship to Morrissey.

Many journalists have compared The Dears’ general sound to Morrissey. How did it feel to actually open for Moz?

Well, I'm sorry to disappoint anybody by saying this, but I can’t deal with Morrissey... I never liked his music. I do hear the occasional reference in the Dears, but man, I think people are just lazy. They need to put a label on things.

Opening for Morrissey was a sad sight, man. Seeing what success can do to people is pretty painful. Being asked to leave the building when he's crossing the corridor, or being told to not look directly at him -- made me sick!

Perhaps avoiding direct eye-contact with Morrissey has less to do with his ego... It's more like that of staring directly into the sun's brilliant rays, blinded by simultaneous passion and non-chalance manifested in man.

Just kidding. We just hope Morrissey isn't that much of a chump.

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