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Where The W.K. At?

Andrew_wk Do you remember the time around 2001-2002 when metal-hybrid freakshow Andrew W.K. was all the rage and everybody was talking about his albums and fans were all head-butting him and he had all those pictures with blood and it was sort of hilarious and then all of a sudden he dropped out of sight?

"Andrew is currently in the studio working on his next album scheduled for a 2007 world wide release," said a W.K. spokesperson. "[He] has also begun filming his new TV show 'Smokeshow' that is scheduled to air in May 2007." He's currently on tour in Japan, according to his Web site.

Also, if you've got some spare dollars for an import, he  released "Close Calls With Brick Walls" in Asia this past July and discussed it here earlier this summer. Has anyone heard this? We may make millions of dollars of year (plus stock options and a company car) but we still haven't gotten a gander...

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